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Want to learn how to watch a watch? You have to understand what is asked three table

Remember the little girl at the weekend last week to bring about knowledge, the luminous materials introduced, this woman to give you talk about, before they found no luminous materials, and how the resolution time in the dark.
We ask three tables

Want to learn how to watch a watch? You have to understand what is asked three table
Three question table, also called three spring watch. Three ask function is the most difficult one watches complex function, so with three Q function of the watch are often expensive to very expensive, Chinese first asked three table in 2007 by Seagull developed. The so-called “three questions”, that is, watches can be issued three different spring sounds to distinguish between “when”, “engraved”, “points”, the first is to people in the dark can also accurately identify the design features at the moment. But generally speaking, the bass in time, high pitched at moment, high pitched points.
Table three mechanical device to ask complex to imagine, including: timekeeping rack, rack, rack, P. second minutes snailed round, hook, pawl pin, rod, hammer, hammer hours minutes and so on. There is no interference between the timing power and the time travel power source, which means that the watch is stopped in time and the three question function is not affected.
The first to transplant the three question function to the watch is Audemars Pigeut. The most famous three question table in the world is Patek Philippe. Because judge the level of a three question table, the most important thing is the tone. Cheap three Q table, chime sound procrastination Mega top turbidity, and ask three tables, voice clear and thorough, the size of the sound is clear, charm, no matter when and where you are elated.
Print calendar table
Want to learn how to watch a watch? You have to understand what is asked three table
Now in the mobile phone calendar at any time to view, but with a perpetual calendar watch, but timeless, is always the object of love who pursued, and just ask three calendar functions, as well as tourbillion, is called the three complex function of the watch. The first watch in the world with a calendar function, is the table emperor Patek Philippe launched, using the number 97975 movement.
The calendar can not only distinguish between size and month, but also automatically identify the leap year once every four years. In order to realize this function, two important parts, “48 months gear” and “four ring” can not be separated”. 48 month gear drive 48 month record Watch track, because the gear groove depth, can reflect the real calendar display rules. The four ring is a tiny tiny wheel that rotates only once in four years. It determines the calendar by turns, and jumps directly to February 29th in March 1st.

Selling fake watches, you don’t deserve your fake called “engraved table”

Long time no see, practice girl is coming. Today we are bringing 9 interesting questions and answers. Some problems in our daily lives are often seen, but some problems appear brain cave is very large, perhaps some problems that will resonate with you, is also likely to refresh your views.
All answers come from knowledge, copyright, answers to the author, all by practice sister integration, part of the content is cut.
Why we called off the table engraved table?

Selling fake watches, you don’t deserve your fake called “engraved table”!
We must tell you what is called “re engraved””. Only the brand itself, the issue of discontinued style, or re – make an antique, this is called “re engraved.””. Don’t know which sell fake watches the idiotic used this word to describe a false statement, a word has many feelings is destroyed in the hands of the author: idiot – known almost with movable core
We special soldiers wearing a watch, why dial to the inside of your wrist?
Selling fake watches, you don’t deserve your fake called “engraved table”!
1. prevent glare from revealing your position. The watch is worn inside, the reflection will be blocked by the body, even if not blocked, but also back to the rear.
2., to prevent the appearance of mirror rupture, in 7080s, watches are more expensive, some women in our country in order to cherish watches, watches are worn in turn.
3. when you hold a gun, you can see the time without turning your arm. It not only saves time, but reduces the movement of your body. This is important for ambush soldiers.
Know the author: the core moves with the watch
So why are airline stewardess will wear a nice watch?
Selling fake watches, you don’t deserve your fake called “engraved table”!
In fact, this problem is very simple, each company will require flight attendants must wear watches, stressed that once every company, every flight attendant will! To be! Pelosi! Wear! But there must be a complete scale, has three hands, is to say that there must be a second. No, why do I need to bring a watch to the cockpit and the captain’s watch when the plane is forced to make a forced landing in case of emergency, and then go to the cabin and other flight attendants for the table?.
A series of actions, such as opening doors in emergency situations, are accurate to 15 seconds. These require watches to be timed. Coupled with the release of aircraft pressure, the use of oxygen masks is limited. Therefore, as a qualified flight attendant, we must have a quality watches, which is not only responsible for the work, but also responsible for the lives and safety of passengers. Know the author: Chestnut

I never wear a watch for the sake of time

If I were to choose one day off smoking and one day without a watch, I would choose the former! Now, I’m not used to the watch, I’m not used to it!
I wear the watch, just for the sake of modeling
For some people, perhaps watch is used to tell you to eat to sleep tools, but for the love of the fancier table, a part of the watch is a shape of the other is not enough, so watch.
I never wear a watch for the sake of time
I never wear a watch for the sake of time
I never wear a watch for the sake of time
Some love watch the trendsetter crazy a little cool, loaded to force to watch girls need high value Yan table, business and leisure needs low-key connotation table. In short, this year, wear watches, that is, concave shape. Just like showing a watch while drinking a cup of wine or smoking a cigar.
I never wear a watch for the sake of time
I never wear a watch for the sake of time
In fact, men can wear accessories is not much, the woman, a bag, a bracelet, a necklace, a classic, always wear these is not too hard. So I can only choose to work hard on my wrist.

What kind of watch will you appreciate?

Who advocates “buying a watch to increase its value”?. Is that the right way to say yes?. The limit is a handful of watches.
Which watches can appreciate?
1. only a few masters can make watches
A watch worn by 2. celebrities.

What kind of watch will you appreciate?
Image above: Galet Lauren Micro Rotor watches by Lauren Ferrier, the master of watchmaking. The standard of workmanship is above the quality mark of Geneva.
Besides the great masters, they are famous people
As we all know, no matter how ordinary the table is, it will be sought after after being worn by celebrities. In Antiquorum or Christie’s auction house, every day we can see this watch much higher than the value of its own price was take away. Let’s take a look at those famous people who have been photographed in the past few years”. Please tell me at the same time I also look at the highlights of these celebrities wear behind the way of life:
Reward team with commemorative plates
It has become part of Western management culture with a commemorative edition of the quality award team. We know, now get the championship in Major League Baseball occupation player won the world champion occupation baseball rings, but as early as the custom formed before the team is to commemorate the watch in the form of recognition of players. While the Yankees outfield player Babby Ruth legend (Babe Ruth) a 1923 championship table, Gruen Verithin watch, on February 22, 2014 in New York at an auction is successful trading. This watch is the first piece of the title Ruth memorial table, the transaction price of $717000.

Your world is under your control

Often go to different places, but less intimate many time, “housekeeper”? How can a wristwatch be fashionable? How to break the time zone boundaries and TA care online in different regions? These questions, Bao Jie, that is, Riyue, will be listed on the heavy moon and stars series of new watches can be a perfect answer, including China’s first world time watch. Popular fashion, cost-effective, strong competitive technology, innovative spirit…… These labels Express brand treasure, are reflected in the new product will be available in the art world to create watches, rich models and high cost, the design details of the changes to be.
Walk into the moon and stars series watches
The rising sun and the moon represent the flow of time, and the 24 global time zones are experiencing the shifting times of the stars. Everyone is the master of time, on the small disc to grasp the global time, feel the rest of the world time alternate good, this series is to draw inspiration from changes in the time. The abstract symbol of the sun and moon shows the close connection between the two, and also implies the fleeting and eternal. Far away, the goal never fails to inspire the courage of the people to go on a long journey. Under the guidance of the sun and the moon, we march forward bravely.
Treasure time Jie Jie, moon and stars series watches hand-painted map
Behind these beautiful meaning, is the creative design, are reflected in the watch second hand, Pakistan, dial and other details of the design, the earth, the moon and stars warp element utilization aspect rich. Whether it is full of global time in the confusion between the first disc world watch, or hollow core, three pin, three pin dual single calendar calendar and other rich design exquisite products, this series will undoubtedly bring out the amazing gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.

Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei Tissot to reproduce the beautiful meet

Meet again, I still love you as before
Let the time pass by and go back to the moment of meeting, and let you know that I am still full of enthusiasm and love for you. With a firm inner “core” of the “treasure ring” series of watches, is the most qualified to tell a firm inner love story of the wrist friend. Its classic and exquisite shape, like the hearts of their own each other, is clearly a mortal world, but it is so different. With the love shining Paris outer dial studded fringe reflects light sweet eyes, diffuse back to either watchband, stainless steel watchband or durable richly textured Leather Watchband will undoubtedly highlight his and her taste. The firm’s “core” also with constant talk of love as accurate the same heart, on the basis of the original 80 mechanical power movement has amazing, the luxury and precision hairspring of silicon material, resist the influence of external factors such as magnetic field, from first to last accurate record the time, like love in a myriad of him and her, passing of night my heart does not change. As the first full series of seven Tissot watches are Observatory certification (COSC) flagship series, treasure ring series to witness his virtuosity, and she was recognized by the time of love, forever moving to sway with the pointer every minute. At this moment, the transmission meets and falls in love each move.

Breguet (immortal), the immortal classics, love witness

Since ancient times, our love is always warm for the hearts of most people. Love is not a pot with time past and to the light fragrance of tea, but an altar will be time precipitation more wine more mellow wine. No matter is the burning passion or to each other, that a unique sweet always warm heart, let a person remember, only the eternal guardian of this beautiful time to let it never fade. Breguet incarnation of love guardian, bloom in Valentine’s wrist, modern love cuddling but independent of each other, to witness the love in every moving moment.
She met her.
Breguet has been concerned with the respect and support of customers love women chronometer, with outstanding performance of the automatic movement for women’s watch, fine polishing and outstanding performance perfect fusion watch. Basel International Jewellery Fair in 2017, Reine de Naples Breguet queen Naples series 8928 watch and Classique classic series 7147 watch shine, two watches is a fusion of technology and outstanding watchmakers have infinite passion.
Reine de Naples, Queen of Naples series, 8928 Mini Watch
The new Reine de Naples series 8928 Mini watch Queen of Naples, Queen of Naples followed the design essence series, the mother of pearl dial, the 6 o’clock position is provided with an eccentric ring, large size collocation Breguet Arabia digital time scale, filling smart, chic and goose shaped case echoes ingeniously. This year launched a mini watch with “spherical” lugs set, more exquisite diamond; the 4 o’clock position on the list with the crown, with a dazzling pear shaped diamond as the punchline. The round table, the watchcase and the gold folding watch are elaborately decorated with bright cut diamonds to make the watch brighter.
In addition to elegant and charming appearance, the watch is more elegant ladies watch equipped with outstanding performance of the automatic movement, the 586/1 movement, the lever escapement collocation flip embedded with silica, escapement fork head and siliceous gossamer. Power storage time of 38 hours, vibration frequency 3 hz. Wear the wrist, in second rotation between the mechanical operation of the beauty of another show.
Classique classic series 7147 watches
New Classique classic series 7147 watches, travel time accurate, clear and exquisite, elegant lines. Dial the big fire enamel craft, engraved Breguet Arabia digital scale, reproduction brand early works of classical beauty. Through the sapphire glass bottom cover, sophisticated movement lucidity, the movement is decorated with exquisite “Geneva corrugated” and “Paris nail pattern”, a classic Classique series 7147 watch elegant style. Equipped with 502.3SD machine, equipped with siliceous gossamer, the lever escapement flip embedded, with siliceous escapement fork.
The meaning expressed wrist bosom
The bright stars, the Milky way is long; the next night, across the hook month. After the long hot love often like a bright moon, although the moon, but always in the hearts of lovers sow glory. Breguet Classique classic series 7787 men with Reine de Naples moon watch Queen Naples series 9087 Ms. moon phase watch, the condensate extraction series of exquisite and elegant.

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